The detailed kinetic modeling of a reactor is a necessary condition for a successful process description. Presto-Kinetics has been designed to support this key requirement. The input of Presto-Kinetics consists of arbitrary kinetic models (also as differential-algebraic systems) combined with the treatment of operation conditions and large sets of experimental data.

The comfortable parameter estimation tool allows the fitting and optimization of any set of parameters in a model with respect to any state variable or user-defined expression. Moreover, systems of partial differential equations can be solved easily, for example in order to model the instationary behavior of tubular reactors.

All results are presented in online-graphs during simulation or optimization runs. Import and export of results and data in text files or via the COM-interface ensure the communication with other program packages (CiT's software products can be used both as OLE-server and as OLE-client).

All implemented numerical algorithms include self-adaptive grid and time-step controls based on robust error-control mechanisms. They lead to convincing solutions, convincing both in efficiency and in accuracy.


  • Reaction step patterns for general kinetics, phase transfer, feed, exit,streams
  • Biokinetic and catalyst modeling
  • Comprehensive definition of recipes for batch, fed-batch and continuous operation
  • Treatment of partial differential equations, convection, diffusion, kinetic reaction, boundary conditions
  • Parameter estimation designed for a large number of experiments
  • Comprehensive output options for all results of simulation and parameter estimation

Check out the Presto-Kinetics brochure.