About CiT

About CiT

CiT - Software, Service and Mathematics for Innovative Modeling

Based in Rastede, Northern Germany, CiT provides advanced modeling software for the chemical, biotechnical and pharmaceutical industry.

CiT's successful philosophy is to combine leading mathematical algorithms and modeling concepts with highest software standards and best possible versatility, support and service.

Users of CiT software do not have to be mathematicians or programmers and they don't have to derive equations or algorithms. We want you to do what you know best - think about your process!

Because of their special modular approach and the incorporated script language, all CiT tools allow the extension of current knowledge - there is no need to stop at current barriers!

Some key facts:

  • CiT has more than 80 industrial clients around the world
  • Hundreds of innovative publications and projects are based on CiT software
  • With Predici - considered as quasi-standard for polymerization modeling - and Parsival - the reference solver for particle size distributions - CiT is the leading developer and provider of software for the modeling of population balances
  • CiT software has entered education in chemical engineering departments of universities worldwide
Over the last 20 years, CiT has permanently been engaged in research projects - from mathematical concepts to highly sophisticated modeling - and has been cooperating with leading research institutes:
  • Participation in the Marie-Curie network NANOPOLY
  • Project partner in the BMBF project MODEXA
  • Water quality management tool for river basins with Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt and governmental institutions
  • Chemical property administration software
  • Training simulators for new technologies - model development and software
  • Joined work with clients on models for catalysts, polymers, crystallizers, coupling to CFD simulations
  • Special cooperations with the Sonderforschungsbereich 578 "From Gene to Product", TU Braunschweig
  • BMBF project on model discrimination with FU Berlin and BASF AG

Find a timeline of CiT's 30 year history here.