CiT - Computing in Technology

Powerful and user-friendly software for polymerization reactions, chemical kinetics and more.

Modelling, simulation, parameter estimation, optimization and control of complex problems in chemical engineering. 

Founded in Northern Germany in 1992, CiT has developed state-of-the-art products that are used in industry and academia across the globe.

CiT is the only distributor of its products. For purchase and support, please get in touch with us under m.wulkow(at)



+++ New research article on parameter estimation in polymerization is featured in the special issue of Wiley's Macromolecular Theory and Simulations

+++ Research article: parameter estimation of reactivity ratios for acrylic acid with Predici

+++ CiT is participating in the new IUPAC project on Development of a Machine Accessible Kinetic Databank for Radical Polymerizations +++

+++ Research article: Predici models Covid-19 spread. +++

Recent product updates

A new Predici 11 version named after the famous mathematician Thomas Bayes has been released in November 2020. It includes new and unprecedented tools and functionalities for parameter estimation.

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