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was founded in Northern Germany in 1992 and develops, produces, distributes and supports user-friendly and powerful program packages for the modelling, simulation, parameter estimation, optimization and control of polymerization reactions, chemical kinetics, bio- and pharmacokinetics, particle technology and waste-water treatment. Based on special mathematical and numerical know-how, some of CiT’s products have reached reference status in the respective community in chemical industry and academics. Most of the top chemical companies in the world and many leading academic research institutions rely on the quality of CiT's software and its outstanding support.

CiT is the developer and distributor of all software products presented on this homepage.

In 2017, CiT celebrated its 25th anniversary. Click here to see a timeline of the company's development. 


A textbook written by Klaus-Dieter Hungenberg and Michael Wulkow has been published in Spring 2018.

It is called

Modeling and Simulation in Polymer Reaction Engineering, Wiley, ISBN: 3527338187

and summarizes a lot of our common knowledge on the general modelling of polymer reaction engineering.




+++ CiT is involved in research on parameter estimation techniques. Find the new scientific publication here.

+++ Predici models Covid-19 spread. Find current results in the research article here. More info on ongoing work under Current Research. +++

+++ CiT is participating in the new IUPAC project on Development of a Machine Accessible Kinetic Databank for Radical Polymerizations +++

+++ CiT is involved in many research projects. Check out selected activities here. +++

Recent product updates

A new Predici 11 version named after the famous mathmatician Thomas Bayes has been released in Nov. 2020. It includes new and unprecedented tools and functionalities for parameter estimation. 

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