At some stage, a simulation model becomes the accepted picture of a process. Now no longer the original modelers, but other people should make use of the model. The CiT-Observer provides an easy way to create an accepted and intutive handling of a Predici, Presto-Kinetics or Parsival model.

With the help of a user-defined interface and control panel the underlying simulation software can be controlled in real-time. The CiT-Observer corresponds with the simulation package, sends orders and values and represents the results of a dynamic simulation on-line. In this sense, the CiT-Observer can serve as a control and training tool increasing the understanding of a dynamic process. The direct graphical comparison of different process scenarios provides valuable insight into the process behaviour.

The CiT-Observer can also be connected to a real time process control system, presenting online process data and handing them over to the simulation package. In this way the CiT-Observer and the simulation results present the actual process conditions. By starting additional "what-if" sessions independent of the real process, the user can study the effect of plant operations beforehand.


  • Direct access to Predici/Presto-Kinetics/Parsival models
  • No re-engineering or even model reduction
  • Open and flexible interface, easy-to-configure, no additional programming
  • Online training
  • Process observation based on process control system (PCS) data
  • What-if simulations parallel to live process
  • Interpreter language for arbitrary user-defined entities
  • User defined trend graphic for arbitrary number of graphs

The stability and robustness of CiT-Observer and CiT simulators have been proven by months of permanent operation in plants.


  • Improved process operation
  • Training of special situations and events
  • Deeper insight into process
  • Better acceptance of modeling projects


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