“Do we have experimental data for substance M at temperature T between 60 and 85 °C, measured with equipment X or Y, ordered by production site B between 2013 and 2016?”

Imagine how much data is lost in labs, because they are not treated as information but as plain, free-style documents. The result: Even if such files are linked to a documentation system, the access to the meaning of the data is lost and hardly to retrieve and to process.

With Lamda-S you can store data and get them back.

Lamda-S is a new database for experimental data in chemical engineering that was developed on the basis of all our experience in data handling, modeling, simulating and software engineering.


  • Comfortable search engine, configurable for high efficiency
  • Online graphs for quick check of search results
  • Export of search results to Excel
  • Flexible input based on open forms for any type of data and skill of user
  • Extendable to all kind of physical properties, physical units, measurement attributes and input styles
  • Client-server-structure with user- and administrator versions for safe and controlled handling
  • XML-based, save for future, data are stored for a long time, not dependent on OS or database engine
  • User-right's administration
  • Direct communication between lab and client


  • Professional storage of valuable data and their retrieval
  • Own standardization of data capture

The earlier you start with a systematic administration of your expensive and valuable data, the earlier you will receive the pay-back.

With LAMDA-S you will not only have the answer in a second, but all matching data at hand for further treatment.

Now available:

Lamda-S-Express is a free add-on to Lamda-S which supports data acquisition from external clients!


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